Roseland in the News

Chicago Tribune
December 16th, 2014
Orland Park Staircase Manufacturer Celebrates 100 Years In Business

SouthTown Star
December 16th, 2014
Orland Park Staircase Manufacturer Celebrates 100 Years In Business

Orland Park Prairie
December 4th, 2014
Century-old family business is still going strong in Orland Park

The Regional News
December 4th, 2014
Roseland Stair Works Climbs to the Century Mark in Orland Park

Colonial Heritage
Home & Architectural Trends
Volume 18, No. 2

Custom Stairs: Artistry & Elegance Elevated
Elite: The Magazine of Fine Lifestyles
October 2000

“Building a staircase is a unique blend of carpentry and artistry, according to David Lautenbach, co-owner of Roseland Stair Works, Inc. in Orland Park, which has been customizing staircases since 1914 and has built stairs in hundreds of luxury homes as well as the Chicago Hilton & Towers and the Peabody Museum in Boston.”

The Star
November 9, 1997

“…Ken and David Lautenbach, who build custom staircases through their family-owned Roseland Stair Works in Orland Park, said they can create almost any look for a home’s staircase.”

Firm Takes Stairway to Success
Daily Southtown
August 20, 1995

“…The art of making stairs may have moved into the computer age, but some things are still done by hand at this 81-year-old, family-owned business in Orland Park.”

Stairs Reflect a Step Up in Style and Design
Daily Southtown/Economist
July 20, 1983

“…Because stairs are significant in public buildings, stores and homes, they have become a central feature in designing a building. When considering the details of a staircase, an architect decides what material will be used in construction and the style.

A staircase can be open, airy and sleek to enclosed, massive and ornate. Once the plans are decided upon, the task of constructing and installing it begins.”

March, 1965

“…The making of fine stairways is a branch of carpentry … but a very specialized branch. According to Ed Lautenbach “the art of the stair itself is that it is hand done and fitted into space.” Meaning that every single stairway constructed is an individual project… measured at the building site, hand-cut and fitted in the shop, and personally installed on the job … no task for an ordinary carpenter. But one performed expertly by Roseland Stair Works. .”