Products: Rail Fittings

Rail Fittings consist of the various parts of the Handrail. Level components run parallel to floor, wall, or stair level, while Easement Fittings attach vertical, slanted and horizontal rails to each other.

The following links will take you to diagrams and related information of each rail fitting component:

Level Components      Easement Components      Starting Fittings     Gooseneck Fittings

When ordering rail fittings to match the chosen handrail, the second number indicates the matching handrail profile.

Roseland precisely manufactures every rail fitting to maintain the same close tolerances that ensure easy installation every time.

     3000 Tapered Plug & 3001 Rail Bolt

As illustrated above, rail bolts are traditionally used in the assembly of rail fittings. Roseland includes rail bolts with its rail fittings. Clamp nails, as shown below, are also available for installation.

3004/3005 Clamp Nail