Our History

100 Year Timeline of Roseland Stair Works

Roseland Stair Works, a staircase manufacturing company was established around 1914; although it’s believed to been started before 1914. Its roots began with two Swedish owners. The company was located at 342 West 111th Street in the Roseland community on the south side of Chicago.

  • In 1947, a school teacher, Edward Lautenbach, change his career path with the help of his father-in-law, Adrian Vermuelen. Adrian, an entrepreneur, acquired the business for his son-in-law to build and manage. This began the long-standing family history in which Roseland Stair is still held today.
  • Edward’s two sons, Donald and Kenneth, began learning the trade as well. Each son, however, had different career paths. While Don started a career in dentistry, Ken had continued interest within the family business; learning the staircase trade early in his teenage years.
  • After many years within the Roseland community, it was decided in 1975 to consider a more suitable location for the future growth of the business. The growing community of Orland Park became Roseland Stair Works’ new home. It was also at this time that Ken began overseeing the family business going forward.
  • After the relocation into Orland Park did an opportunity to utilize the previous building into a Christian-based community center, known as The Agape Community Center. It still flourished today to meet the needs of the inner city of Chicago.
  • As Ken’s family grew up, so did their involvement within the business. Each family member has at one time or another been involved. From his wife, Trudi, a faithful retired bookkeeper, to his four children; Kristine, Kenneth II (Jr.), Laurence (Lars), and David. Each child was taught from the ground up; from sweeping floors in the shop to engaging in both shop and office responsibilities. Ken Sr., as he’s known, didn’t know who would eventually come full-time within the family business. All of the siblings has developed their unique roles within the business to build on the family tradition.
  • With future additions to the facility at 15601 South 70th Court not being adequate, Roseland Stair built an additional facility. This facility included an updated showroom and state-of-the-art CNC machinery. This additional facility was built in 1993 at 15565 South 70th Court; next door to the existing Roseland Stair Works.
  • With exponential growth in the home building arena, particularly in developing communities along the I-355 corridor, Roseland Stair searched for the possibility to relocate again. Although relocating in other communities were discussed, Orland Park just seemed like home. In late 2006, a building was slated to be built in a newer commercial district within Orland Park. In late 2007, one year later, the possibility became reality with transitioning into our new home at 18410 South 115th Avenue. This relocation has allowed us closer access to our emerging clientele, yet remain in village of Orland Park.
  • With relocation has granted Roseland Stair another opportunity to have its former buildings be utilized for the communities’ good. Elim Christian Services has been able to utilized these facilities as it’s Vocational Skills Center to serve adults with special needs; equipping them with training and opportunities to serve the world-wide community.
  • In 2014, Roseland Stair Works celebrates its 100th year in business. We are humbled to continue the legacy passed down throughout each generation.
  • As we look towards the future, Roseland Stair Works reflects back to its roots; striving to serve the community as family. Our hope is to continue this rich heritage for many generations to come.